Crawling for Dollars

Crawl spaces are always an interesting mixed bag of fun. It’s the last area I do on a house. I like to run all the water faucets in the house and then check to see if anything was leaking into the crawl space.

Once I inspected a house that was half basement, half crawl space. I had everything done and the crawl space was the last item on the list. I put on my Tyvek suit and opened the 2’x2’ door that was in the basement wall adjoining the crawl space. The door sat about 5’ off the floor so I had my step ladder out. I got the door open so up into the crawl space I went. And whoa! I slid down into a sea of beer cans! Half of the crawl space was filled with empty beer cans about 2’ deep! There I was, Tyvek suit on, swimming through beer cans to check out the framing and other crawl space details.

The people that bought the house called me later to tell me that they took out four pick-up loads of garbage bags full of empty beer cans. Maybe they made their first mortgage payment with all of the recycling refund money.

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