Clients who don’t ask (Part one)

As a home inspector, at some point you will have the client that wants to get on the roof via your ladder. As tempting as it is to be nice and allow them to do so, do not do this! How would you explain the potential influence of gravity to your insurance broker? Then there are the clients who do not ask…..

I was inspecting a house for a nice young couple starting out in life. My ladder was against the single story attached garage gutter and I had finished the inspection of the garage roof. I came back down from the roof and went around to the back of the garage to check on another issue. When I came back around to the front I saw the 8 ½ month pregnant wife walking around on the garage roof! This was a heart attack moment. I calmly suggested she come back off the roof, and there was much rejoicing as she did so in a safe manner.

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