We are a Team of Highly-Skilled Professionals

Roof, Attic & crawl spaces

Properly outfitted in protective gear, we go into all of those nasty places you don't want to go. 

exterior surfaces

We're examining walls, supports and surfaces whether it's wood, brick or siding.


New buildings or old, have your plumbing examined before imperfections become problems.

Heating & Cooling

The Pacific Northwest gets all four seasons, and your home should be ready for all of them. Be sure A/C or Heating is operating, and efficient!

electrical systems

Older homes need special review of their electrical systems to avoid potential fire risk, and extensive energy bills. We'll review panels, appliances and more.

Structural inspection

10 Year inspections

It’s always smart to have an inspection on your home if you’ve owned it for 10 years or more. Issues can develop while you own your home, and its always a good idea to catch little problems before they become much bigger!  Especially if you plan to sell your home soon!

New Construction

Even though a house has been recently built or renovated, that doesn’t mean there aren’t potential issues. Having a pre-sale inspection is a crucial step in being sure your new investment doesn’t cost you more than you expect it to!

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