Month: December 2020

Beware the Cat

I was doing an inspection on a large house out in the country. Nice house, the inspection was moving along at a good pace.  I had worked my way around the exterior of the house and through the roof and garage and headed indoors.  The house was occupied and in the spirit of helping the owners had put their cat in the first-floor office with the doors closed and a note that said, “cat in study”. Well cats are not large dogs ready to chew on you so in I went. The office was a standard wood paneled office, but with the addition of lower and upper cabinets with a counter running around three sides of the office. I need to test the plugs that are installed at intervals along the counter. The cat is a large grey cat, sitting on the counter, growling. Being the intelligent person that I am I decide not to pet the cat and start at the outlets at the other end of the three-wall counter system away from the cat. The cat sprints around the counter, I test the plug and pull back as the cat attempts to scratch me, now really growling. The rest of the plug inspection is running back and forth to the plug that is farthest away from the cat, testing it, cat running and trying to kill me. Finish the plugs, quickly note the other stuff in the room and retreat before the cat launches itself off the counter.

Crawling for Dollars

Crawl spaces are always an interesting mixed bag of fun. It is the last thing I do on a house. I like to run all the water in the house and then do the crawl space to be able to see if anything is leaking in the crawl space.

Once I inspected a house that was half basement, half crawl space. I had everything done and the crawl space was the last item on the list. I put on my Tyvek suit and opened the 2’x2’ door that was in the basement wall adjoining the crawl space. The door sat about 5’ off the floor so I had my step ladder. Door open, up and into the crawl space. I slid down into a sea of beer cans! Half of the crawl space was filled with empty beer cans! About 2’ deep. Tyvek suit on, swimming through beer cans to check out the framing and other crawl space items.

The people bought the house and called me later to tell me that they took out four pick-up loads of garbage bags full of empty beer cans. Maybe they made their first mortgage payment.

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